Sarah Kathryn Walmsley

I’m a Woman Obsessed….with Trash Cans!

As a busy wife and mom, I saw a need for improvement in home trash can management; and – as a serial entrepreneur – I thought, “I can fix that!” After having built and managed two thriving dating services for over 20 years, I’m thrilled to be launching my newest venture, Trash Can Valet.

With a clear demand from homeowners for a luxury approach to trash can management – and the fact that I’m nuts about trash cans – I can hardly contain my excitement about this new business!

Nothing like Trash Can Valet exists anywhere in the US.

This service is personal to me. In 2014, I met the love of my life; and, in 2016, we bought our dream home. However, our privacy now comes with a LONG and STEEP driveway. When my husband is too busy with work and travel, I have had to strap our GROWING baby to my back in order to haul our cans to the street. And hauling them back the next day is no joy either!

But now, for just $35/week, a uniformed Trash Can Valet hauls the cans from our doorstep to the curbside and back the next day – rain or shine!

It’s no surprise that, as a serial entrepreneur since I was 22 – with a history of running service-based businesses – I’m having more fun than you can imagine building Trash Can Valet. Because our goal is to help neighbors, friends, and family, I welcome any and all suggestions on how to improve the concept. And, if you’d follow us on Instagram and Facebook, I would be eternally grateful.

Signed, your favorite trash talker,


3100 Roswell Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

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